Grab your axe, steady yourself, and chop! Woodcutting is tough work, especially in the hot sun, but there are structures to build and tools to create and woodcutting provides you with the resources to do so. As you master this skill, new axes and types of tree will become available for you to chop and the speed at which you’re able to do so will increase. So, if you’ve got your site-set on building a structure to adorn your land, then time to get chopping!

To start woodcutting, speak to Chop… just please don’t bring up his stench if you want his guidance! Chop is happy to help new loggers as he's in dire need of assistance. He claims that every tree he chops magically grows to its original state in mere minutes! However, the evidence for this claim is, well, scarce to say the least.

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