(This skill is still under development)

Picture the scene: fresh lobster, boiling over a campfire as monkeys from all over the world head over to enjoy the delights of your cooking! Be it fish meat or monster meat, there are delectable dishes all around for those to cook. Legendary dishes are renowned for their ability to regain lifeforce or boost your power, so this is a skill you won’t want to neglect. For every fish you cook you will gain EXP, and higher cooking levels will unlock access to more powerful dishes that anyone would love to get their hands on.

Nestled in a hut on the northern side of Castaway Cove, you will find Chef Elda. If you meet her, she’ll speak of her days as the Head Chef within the Kingdom of Solaire cooking for the King himself! If you want to begin cooking, speak with Elda… for she holds the recipe for success.

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